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Frequently Asked Questions.

If I Don't Have A Will When I Die What Will Happen To My Estate?
If you dies without a will it is known as dying "intestate" and you have no control over who inherits from you. You could end up leaving you estate to someone who you would not wish to benefit as well as your loved ones may find it more time consuming and costly to deal with your estate. A Will is the only way of ensuring your wishes are carried out when you die.

What age do you have to be to make a Will?
Yes, you must be over 18 in England and Ireland and in Scotland you must be over 16. Members of the Armed Forces who are on active duty can make a special Will when they are 17.  There is no upper age limit for making a Will.

Can anyone make a Will?
You must be the correct age and be sound of mind often referred to as "testamentary capacity".  Basically you must understand that you are making a will and who you are leaving it to.

Do I name my children in my will and do I have to change my will if I have more children?
You do not necessarily have to name children, your will can be written so that it refers to your children which means that it includes all of your children even if they have not yet been born.

Do I ask family members to witness my Will?
It is not appropriate to ask family members to witness your will as this could become problematic if other family members were not involved.  

Is it possible for me and my spouse \ partner to have separate wills?
Yes this is perfectly normal and you may make a Single Will or a Mirror Wills. Mirror Wills are best suited to couples who have more or less identical wishes.  If there are a number of differences in your wishes then a two Single Wills may be an option.

If My Beneficiaries Die Before Me what happens?
If this happens then you will need to review your will. You may not always need to rewrite it, as it may include wording which takes the death of a beneficiary into account especially if you have already included other beneficiaries.

Am I trying to think of every possibility when making my Will?
No, making a will does not have to be a one off event. It reflect your circumstances as they are now and not what they might be in the future. Ideally you should review your will every 5 to 10 years and always review it if something significant has changed in your circumstances, for example you get divorced.

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