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AskWill was set up by Will & Probate expert William Sutton to dispell the myth that wills need to be complex, long-drawn out and more importantly expensive.

AskWill offers customers looking for a will the opportunity to download a free will online. Our most basic free will template will cover the majority of what you could possibly need from your will.

Here at AskWill we have a simple outlook in business. Keep it simple! We welcome your will enquiry, we offer you the best possible solution to your will needs, whether it's a free DIY will or a legally written will; we concentrate only on the job in hand – to give you the best possible service.

Our free online will and last testament template can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the simple button above. You can then word your will exactly as you need.

We’ll also present you all options available and promise straight forward, no nonsense will and probate advice from our designated legal partners whom specialise in this field.

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Writing a will could be the most importing thing you do to ensure that what you want to happen with your assets and their distribution on your death actually happens. 

Without a will it is not possible to be certain what will happen to your estate and the laws of Intestacy apply.  A person who has died without having made a valid will is said to have died intestate. 

This includes the situation where the deceased has left a will but the will turns out to be invalid.  If a will makes a valid provision for the distribution of some assets of the estate, but not for others, this is referred to as partial intestacy.

The distribution of the estate of a person who has died intestate is determined by a complex set of rules known as the rules of intestacy.  The rules are very specific and there is no flexibility or discretion for their variation by the person dealing with the estate.  The destination of property under the intestacy rules depends on the size of the estate and the deceased’s family circumstances.  It is not necessarily true – as many people believe that a surviving spouse or civil partner will receive the whole of the estate.

To find out how AskWill can bring you the best possible will writing service at affordable rates get in touch with us now on 0800 612 7917.

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The main thing to do first is to make a list of everything that you own as part of your estate. 

Once you have this list it is important to decide who you would leave everything to, so basically create a list of your beneficiaries and which pars of your estate you wish them to inherit.  However, there are a few other things that you need to think about, namely:

- If you have children who would look after them if you died

- If one of your beneficiaries dies before you what happens

- Who would you nominate to look after your will and make sure that its provision actually happens

-Don’t forget about yourself, for example any particular preference for burial or cremation etc.

When trying to make your own will you need to very careful that you know what you are doing especially if you have a lot of beneficiaries and your estate is complicated.  Once your will is written you should review it often to make sure it reflects your wishes, especially if you get divorced and remarry, or have more kids or grand kids.

To find out how AskWill can bring you the best possible will writing service at affordable rates get in touch with us now on 0800 612 7917.

Welcome to AskWill –The Market Leader in Wills & Probate In The UK.

One in three people die without a will and many of those wanted a will but just didn’t get around to it.
Make a specific time to write your will and protect the future of your loved ones.

Without a will  you die intestate and the intestacy rules determine who inherits what.  This not only means that your loved ones may miss out on what is rightly their’s but also the Taxman may get far to much of your estate – and nobody wants that!

There is nothing wrong with writing your own will but make sure you take some professional advice so as to avoid having an invalid will.  In this way it is possible to avoid pitfalls and errors which are easy to make resulting in the wrong people getting their hands on your estate and large tax bills.

Executors follow your instructions to the letter after you have died.  This can be a real strain on the wrong person so it is important to nominate someone who is both dependable and not too close to you so that it burdens them at a time when they will be grieving.  Also think about a substitute executor should your first choice die before you.

If you have kids make sure you have nominated guardians to take care of them when you die.  It is one thing making they inherit your estate but surely the biggest concern is who will look after them, and this is where guardians come in to play.

Being clear on who gets what and when will save a whole load of agro and arguments amongst family members.  Make sure this is the clearest part of your will to ensure your wishes are respected.

In order to be valid your will must have two independent witnesses, over the age of 18, watch you sign the will. They also have to sign the will.

Where will you put your will or who will you tell where it is?  Once you have gone to the effort of creating your will make sure it is in a safe and secure place and those that need to know where it is do.

If you remarry or have more kids then you need to update your will.  Also if you gain more assets or lose assets then this needs to be updated as well.

The Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) is the recognised quality mark for drafting wills and dealing with your estate after
your death. If you want to the Rolls Royce of Wills then look for this quality mark.

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